Waiting With Hope To Become Stars

As the Pi Foundation has grown in mission and resources, so have the applications for care. Our world is full of many who endure dark days imprisoned behind painfully unhealthy teeth with no resources to climb out of the darkness.

There is Andrea, a brutally abused child, desperately saving funds to replace teeth that were lost by parental neglect and when just on the brink of care, her husband lost his job.

There is Scott, a part time auto salesman, only twenty-five years of age and burdened with chronic dental infection. He is in constant pain and slowly losing tooth after tooth.

There is Michelle, with Sjogren’s Syndrome, living on antibiotics for nearly a year, in constant pain and with teeth cracking and breaking off on sharp, painful angles.

And behind them there are dozens of others unable to wear dentures, distracted by daily pain so intense that they cannot hold jobs. They are war veterans, single moms, cancer patients, and birth deformities, all simply wanting to smile at their families. Can you help us make their dreams come true?Roses

Sparkling Smile Hope A Bright Star