The Pi Constellation Sparkles

Girl leaning against a tree with a roseWhen the Pi Foundation gives a patient a new smile, that individual becomes part of the Pi Constellation. Today, after nearly fifteen years of transformative surgeries, there are more than forty sparkling smiles in the Pi Constellation.

Our work started in the 1990’s with Kim, a housewife from rural Arkansas who fell on the icy steps of her trailer while pregnant with her fourth child. Kim broke off all of her front teeth, upper and lower. Barely able to feed her family by working on an assembly line, she could not afford dental surgery. Eventually Kim reached out to the Pi Foundation with a desperate cry for help. Today with a new set of teeth and many job promotions, she is a plant safety specialist, flashing her smile as she lectures with confidence. The trailer has been replaced with a home, the children are grown and working, and Kim is vibrantly whole with her smile.

Many others traveled to the Pi Foundation from across the country. Josh, the poet/landscaper, is from California and was once homeless. In California, there is Megan, the single mom and deep sea diver, and in Boston a young man was able to smile in his wedding pictures after his teeth were destroyed by a cleat that smashed his face while sliding into home plate.

These individuals were not merely looking for cosmetic enhancement. Each and every one of our patients has experienced deep suffering, and in every case the sparking smile from the Pi Foundation has made a sparkling difference. This is our mission, and year by year the Pi Constellation grows. We believe that more stars will make a brighter world.

Sparkling Smile Hope A Bright Star