The Brightest Star in the Sky

Pi Foundation’s brightest star of 2013 is our youngest Foundation patient,Sisay. Sisay Taye is nine years old. Born in Ethiopia, his life was very different from most American children. At the age of six, he was viciously attacked by a wild hyena leaving him bleeding and severely facially disfigured. His entire nasal cavity and upper jaw had been savagely removed.

A series of kind deeds and small miracles brought Sisay from his father’s frantic arms to an African mission station, and then on to the USA where doctors at Geissinger Medical Center in northern Pennsylvania performed medical miracles to keep him breathing, eating and alive. Sisay was cared for in the home of an extraordinary family and soon had two sisters and a kindly “mom and dad.” The Doerschlers lovingly created the best possible life for him, but he remained severely disfigured with a small, ill fitting plastic nose and a somewhat frightening face.

Brightest Star in the SkyEnter the Pi Foundation and the Pi Clinical Team!
With the help of many supporting healthcare professionals and suppliers, the Pi Team designed a titanium device that uses super magnets to hold a new life-like nose in place for Sisay. Having been implanted gently within Sisay’s nasal cavity, this “mother ship” blends with his face and looks almost real.

The Doerschlers have recently formally adopted Sisay. On the soccer field today, Sisay is like almost any other nine-year-old boy.

As he grows, however, he will have lifelong needs which will require prosthetic adjustments and both adolescent and an adult noses. The Pi Foundation is committed to supporting this starry-eyed child.


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