Welcome to the world of the Pi Foundation!

Fifteen Years of Changing Lives

On the brink of our fifteenth year, we celebrate past achievements, reach out to embrace precious friends, and look to a new future in which we can significantly grow our effectiveness.

Empowering Humanity

Our mission is very simple.  We seek to make the world a better place by creating sparkling, healthy smiles for individuals in dire need of dental help and having no financial resources.  Our team believes in empowering humanity with smiles that build confidence and change lives.  Ours is a process that revives health of body and spirit while wrapping us all together as lifelong caring friends.

An Underestimated Human Asset

Both applicants for care and contributors to the Pi Foundation come from across the nation.  Each has the common understanding that the smile is a profoundly underestimated human asset having the ability to propel a life in a focused positive direction.

Join With Us

We welcome everyone who believes in the power of a smile to get to know the Pi Foundation.  Share our stories and meet the people whose lives have been changed.

Join with us in creating the energy; the resources, the ideas and the bounty that will make our Pi Foundation patients “smile their hearts out.”

Founded by Dr. Tom and Joanne Balshi

The Pi Foundation was founded by Dr. Tom and Joanne Balshi in 1999 and is registered as The Prosthodontics Intermedica Foundation in the state of Pennsylvania.  It is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  Our Certificate of Registration is #26263 and our identification number is 25/6628495.

Sparkling Smile Hope A Bright Star